Carbone Footprint Calculators

Take the time to estimate your Carbone Footprint level in order to have an idea of the impact you have on the environment.

This step will allow you to list your priorities, plan your green transition at home or at the office and most important you have a measure for the future actions you undertake.

There are many free calculators on the web, but after visiting twenty sites, here below are the best calculators I choose for you. Be careful to choose correctly the country in which you live (for each country data is different, since each country has its prices, resources and facilities).

(click on the image to go on the calculator website)


CFLtd LogoThis is my favorite calculator because it is very detailed and it offers the calculation for most countries of the world. In addition, it gives the opportunity to calculate carbon for some specific actions/activities such as motorbike and train transport.

Furthermore this calculator has a Household calculator and a Business calculator.

Simple and quick calculator for Households

WWF Calculator GRWWF organization has developed a very simple carbon footprint calculator which can give you estimation. It can allow you to have the general trend of your impact on the environment.

You can use the EcoGuru calculator, for everybody independently of the country you live in, but some Country Offices have developed a local tool in order to include more local measurement (giving a more precise estimation) like the Greek Office calculator.

Econews CalculatorThe last calculator you can use, especially for Greek residents, is the Econews carbon calculator. Very quick, very simple and gives you some small tips at the end of the questionnaire.

“A carbon footprint measures the total greenhouse gas emissions caused directly and indirectly by a person, organization, event or product.” – The Carbon Trust

Read more on Carbon Footprint Standard on The Carbon Trust website

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