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Me and what I love most nature, Camille Delcour 2011

Me and what I love most nature, Camille Delcour 2011

My name is Camille Delcour and I was born in Paris July, 22nd 1982. My family and I moved in Athens in 1985 where I grew up and where I am still living. I studied economics and worked for about 10 years –and still working –in financial departments in various companies’ environments, from small SMEs to large multinational corporates. I like variety so I worked in different type of markets (publishing, pharmaceutical, banking and eco-friendly companies). Everything begins in end of 2010 until 2011, my first one year experience as entrepreneur, my first steps in journalism, made me realize how much I love to write and conduct research, investigate and express myself with words on a paper… I just loved it and need to continue as much as I can; this blog is the fruit of this adventure and the door for many new ones.

Journalism, it is a quite general term so I asked myself, “About what do you want to write? If you are to create a blog, you must write about what’s passionate you!” I care about the environment; I care about having a world where everything is balanced and interacting with each other to improve. Some people sing, others speak, make music, MissBlue is writing, informing, sharing and explaining.

MissBlue’s mission is to help people and companies develop a healthy and natural ecological consciousness. The blog is newly created, 21st March, 2012; by Camille Delcour.

MissBlue λογότυπο - Photo Credit: Camille DelcourOn this blog, one can get information about nature, environmental news, actions, lifestyle and any information that could provide an added value on your lifestyle.

You are a self-employed professional, you have a small company but you see you have some financial issues you have difficulties to solve? MissBlue is here to bring answers and support in the dedicated section, “Green Transition”!

Beach Art - Photo Credit: Camille DelcourTopics treated: nature, discoveries, ecological news, festivals agenda, product reviews, statistical analysis, advices and tips for better green living.

Find all the different ways to contact me or send me your guest post on the “Contact” page.


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