Why Green Should Be Your Business Strategy ?

According to astronomers, the Sun’s luminosity increases by 6% every billion years. While this might not seem much, it’s more than enough to render the Earth inhospitable to life in a little over 1 billion years. While this is a drawback from the 4 to 5 billion left until the Sun expands, even this isn’t a guarantee. Indeed, humanity is going through the natural resources of the planet at an increasingly fast pace. However, these resources are not infinite. And while it’s impossible to tell when we will run out, it’s fair to say that taking early precautions can make the planet habitable for future generations. If businesses needed convincing, going green is about the survival of the human species. But it also brings a variety of other advantages that can make embracing a green strategy smoother. While it can be difficult in a commercial environment to prepare strategies that don’t benefit the business immediately – no company plans a long-term strategy to pays off in a billion years –, here are some of the short and medium terms wins you could experience.

Abstract Green Nature Water Plant Photo credit: Max Pixel

Green businesses are the future

#1. It gives you a competitive edge

More and more customers are taking environmental issues seriously. As a result, the audience is happy to pay more for a service if it means that the supplier engages itself to reduce negative impacts on the planet. Consequently, a company that openly shares its mission to limit energy or water waste, can enjoy a positive reputation. In fact, brands that are perceived as green attract more customers. In a crowded market, becoming a green and nature-friendly business is a competitive advantage that can tip the scales in your favor. Additionally, your company can also benefit from positive PR reviews that boost the brand image.

#2. It’s a field filled with experts

Taking the best decision for your business can be a challenging prospect if you have no data to work with. Data-driven decisions are at the core of business growth. However, companies struggle to find the relevant eco data to guide their green strategies. Ultimately, while you can actively monitor your energy bills, it’s hard to say if this should be a green priority. However, industries can choose to work closely with an expert in environmental issues, Ecomist, to measure how their activities impact their surroundings. From how to maintain hygienic structures without putting the planet at risk to understanding effective insect control methods that are safe to use, there is a lot of options available to companies.  

#3. It can save you money in the long run

In the lifetime of your business, going green can save you a significant amount of money. Indeed, easily actionable solutions such as going paperless reduce the amount of paper waste immediately. As a result, companies save on stationary and printing costs by over 50% in the first year. Some businesses also organize carpooling solutions through incentives, which encourage their employees to share vehicles. While the monetary benefits are not for the company itself, the employees can profit from the savings, which indirectly supports the business assets. Finally, reusable products are a common solution for the retail environment, for instance, where businesses need to reduce the consumption of plastic bags. You can consider reusable bags that promote your brand, but also reduce your costs.

#4. Do you need an excuse to protect wildlife?

The World Wildlife Fund has warned that humanity is close to killing off two-thirds of all wildlife in only 50 years. Indeed, WWF measured a 58% decline in vertebrate population between 1970 and 2012. If the trends continue, the world could lose 66% of wildlife by 2020. So, ultimately, as a business, it’s worth asking yourself whether your strategy for the future is to drive wild species to extinction. You’ll find that the answer is very probably no. It’s not too late to act and reduce water waste and the consumption of natural resources in your company.

#5. It contributes to your life satisfaction

The more you protect the environment, the more nature grows back. Ultimately, being surrounded by nature helps people to fight off stress. Indeed, for urban populations there is a growing negative feeling that refers to the absence of vegetation and wildlife: Nature deficit disorder. A Finnish research institute noticed that people started to feel psychologically restored after only 15 minutes spent in nature, whether this is a park in a busy city or a peaceful forest. In short, the more a company helps to protect and restore nature in its environment, the more life satisfaction it creates.

In conclusion, your next business strategy should be green. Companies can’t afford to ignore the impact they have on nature any longer. The monetary, emotional, branding and commercial benefits speak for themselves.

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