Greener With Each Mile

When it comes to protecting the environment, it’s impossible to ignore the extensive human fuel consumption. In fact, people need to travel every single day, whether they are committing to work or travelling to a foreign country to enjoy a well deserved holiday. With travel journey up to 3,000 miles, you can’t just get off a plane and ignore the damage made to the environment.

But similarly, as teleportation hasn’t been invented yet; there’s no way around not taking planes. But did you know how you could help to tackle fuel consumption at your level? In theory, planes and cars are comparable in fuel consumption per passenger per mile with respect to carbon dioxide output. A 5-hour flight is the equivalent of a 60-hour car trip. So if we can’t stop taking planes, maybe we can think of ways to improve our carbon dioxide emission per car. From the environment’s perspective, managing your fuel consumption in a month is roughly the equivalent of a medium-long flight.

A national decision to build a new transport system

Let’s be honest from the start: It doesn’t matter if you personally decide to stop driving your car as a way to save the planet and the future of the next generations if national authorities still couldn’t care less about cleaning the air. Not that your action wouldn’t make a difference, but it will not be enough. For everyone to start travelling the green mile, you need a national decision to tackle the environmental challenge with sustainable transport solutions. This is precisely what Denmark has promised to do by investing in the modernisation and the update of existing and new infrastructures, services and technologies. As a result, urban areas experience less congestion and keep an easy and quick access through town with the introduction of secured bike roads. Additionally, improvements to the public transportation system make it easier for the local population to travel without a car.

Corporate move toward sustainable travel

At a smaller level, companies can also promote sustainable travel to reduce the carbon footprint on the planet. For instance, for city-based companies, there’s the possibility to introduce electric bike fleets on a lease solution as a way to encourage eco-friendly travel for all employees. There’s a downside to this approach as it’s only valid for businesses that are easily accessible without a car, ergo town-based offices. In the case where employees have no public transportation or bicycle option, companies need to learn to be flexible. Introducing remote work alternatives for staff can in the long term support the reduction of the carbon footprint on the planet.

Your personal input to green up the miles

Finally, you can’t always do without a car. But you can certainly find ways to keep a clean drive. The majority of our carbon footprint is the result of high pressure on the gas pedal. Driving smoothly can help to reduce revs and improve your overall eco-friendly attitude on the road. Simple things just as turning the engine off if you’ve stopped for more than a few minutes can also make a great deal of difference, especially if you can’t afford yet to buy an electric car.

Travelling green is a responsibility you share with your neighbours, your colleagues, and your country. One individual can’t save the planet. But together, we can make it a greener place.

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