Four Ways For Businesses To Go Green

In an effort to be more green, many people will think that it starts at home. All of this is very well, and it will help and make a change. But one way to really emphasise green living and being more environmentally friendly is by having a workplace that is focused on this too.

Many of us can spend more time in our workplace that at home, especially on weekdays. So when businesses emphasise this, it can have a great impact on employees. So if you are a business owner with a team of people, here are some ways that you can ‘go green’ in your workplace. Not only will it help the environment, but it will help to save some money too.

Ditch Paper
Wherever possible, ditch the use of paper. If it doesn’t need to be printed out, then don’t print it out. We live in an age where it is very possibly to just work online. So it means saving paper is easier than ever before. Work on a tablet, or take notes on your phone. You don’t need to have endless notepads full of information that you’ll just throw away. But if you do need to use paper or print something out, just make sure that you are using environmentally friendly and sustainable paper.

Design a Green Workplace

If you are new to business or will be moving to new offices or having offices built, then think about the design of it all. It can make a massive difference to going green when it can be designed that way. Solar panels are a great way to power an office that will be full of electrical equipment. So you could factor that into the design. You could also use something like a topographical survey when you are doing the planning for a new office or workspace. It can be helpful as it helps to take into account the natural things that are in the area. You want to minimize how many trees are cut down if you’re designing a green office, right? So do consider all of that when you are doing the planning and design.

Change Light Bulbs

Not only will changing the lightbulbs in the workplace cost you less, but it will be much better for the environment. At the moment, LED light bulbs are the best choice to go for. They are much more energy-efficient than their counterparts, but they great thing is that they don’t lose any of the brightness, which energy-efficient bulbs have done in the past. As a rule, LED light bulbs are much more longer lasting too. So it can make sense when you’re in a building that is full of lights.

Promote Cycling or Public Transport
If you look at the car park in your office building, I can imagine a lot of the cars arrived with just one person in the car. So you could look at promoting things like a car share, traveling by public transport, or even things like cycling. Then you can cut carbon emissions and promote being more environmentally friendly in the workplace.

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