Let’s Get Green! How To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient


One of the most important questions that we all have at the moment is how we can make our lives and homes more energy efficient. We all know that the world is quickly running out of fossil fuels and we all have carbon footprints that will last for a long time – so how can we make sure that we don’t affect the planet too badly for the sake of our kids and the generations to come? Here are some tips on how you can make your home a little more energy efficient.

Change Your Bulbs

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Processed with VSCO with j1 preset

We all know that changing our light bulbs can be great for the environment, so it’s time for you to get yourself into gear and actually do it! Not only are energy efficient bulbs good for the environment in that they don’t use nearly as much energy, but they also last for considerably longer than ‘normal’ bulbs, which means that they’re also great for the state of your bank account. Go to your local hardware store for advice on which bulbs to buy.

Look For Alternative Energy Sources

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Most of us use traditional energy sources like gas, but unfortunately they simply aren’t sustainable in the long run. Luckily, scientists who are a whole lot better at understanding these things than us are starting to come up with a number of different sustainable solutions. Installing a water mill on your property could work so long as you have a source of running water nearby, and a lot of farms are starting to use wind turbines to generate energy as well. You could also install solar panels on your roof. Although they may seem complicated, ones like the solar geyser absolutely aren’t – and as we all know, the sun is an infinite resource so after the initial expense of installing your solar panels, you’ll never run out of energy!

Insulate Your Home

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During the winter, pretty much all of us are on a constant journey to attempt to keep our homes warmer and our energy bills down. We crank up the heat and wrap up in cozy blankets on the sofa and we make warming soups and stews for our families – but do we ever think about modifying our homes so that the heat stays in, instead of creating even more heat by turning up our radiators? The truth is that we need to make sure that our homes are insulated better. A lot of heat escapes through the roof so you could always buy some wadding from your local hardware store to stuff it in there – and you can also wrap it around exposed pipes to stop them freezing and bursting. Add pretty, colourful rugs to the floors that will contribute to your home décor as well as keeping the heat in, and make sure that you get all your windows and doors repaired so they don’t have any cracks that will let the winter wind into your home. If you’re not sure how to check that, try holding up candles and seeing which direction the flame blows in.

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