Small Steps To A Greener Life

Global warming and the climate change to the Earth is a real and damaging thing. Take for example the hole in the Ozone layer. The ozone layer is a layer of gas in the atmosphere of the Earth that protects living creatures on the surface of the Earth from the Sun’s ultraviolet rays. The hole in the Ozone layer grows larger each year, and human activity and consumption patterns are playing a big part in the considerable growth of this harmful hole.

It’s so that we all have a responsibility to keep our planet intact for future generations. Change has to start now to make our planet a healthier planet, and that starts with the small steps. Lots of companies are eager to sell their green products to you that will use less power, so you may believe that a green lifestyle is only suited to people with cash to spare, but that’s not true.

You can be green as well! Here are a few simple steps that you can take right away to do your bit for the future of the planet!

One of the smallest things you can do with a huge impact is with regards to boiling water. Boiling water via kettle or pan asks a lot of the energy we have available, and if we are boiling more than we need, we are wasting energy. Simply boil the exact amount you need to save energy and money. This goes for cooking with saucepans as well, if you use a lid, you’ll be making use of valuable steam and won’t be wasting energy.Recycle Photo Credit/ Flickr

Of course, make sure you regularly recycle and sort your trash out between cardboard and plastics. Simply binning everything limits the recycling opportunities available to the world.

Upgrading the tech in your house could be a big deal for energy saving. The NEST can remotely control the temperature, so you can turn your heating off completely if you’re not in the house and prep it for just before you get in. This will help you save a lot of money and of course, stop you from wasting energy.

Swapping out the car for an electric model is a big ask – you need it. However, you might consider taking public transport a few days a week or even using something like an electric bike, but you must also be confident on the road before taking that step! Cars obviously pump out a lot of harmful pollution on a day to day basis, and if we all used our automobiles a little less, we’d be making a big change.

Loads of coffee cups go to waste every day, so put an end to your impact on the landfills by utilizing reusable coffee cups that can be filled up at your favorite coffee shop.

The thing about all these little steps is the huge impact each of them has. If everyone on the planet capable of doing so followed your lead, we’d be living in a greener world. Set the bar high and live a greener lifestyle today.

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