3 Major Global Disasters – Do Something About Them

Every day, we hear about a new kind of threat facing the world. Sometimes, these are highly fictitious – invented or propagated by the media or other parties, but ultimately false. Sometimes they are genuine or true, but not quite as immediate a concern as certain people would have us believe. And at other times, there are threats which are genuine, pressing dangers which we need to take action about as soon as possible. Some of these are now talked about so often that we often fail to listen properly to the problems at hand; instead, they go unnoticed and we fail to take the necessary steps to bring about a better world. We are going to take a look at three of the major threats facing the world today, and discuss briefly what we might be able to do about them. Let’s take a look.

Globe Indonesia-Equator- Photo Credit: Pexels

Climate Change

This is the big one that people most commonly think of. There is today no dispute that climate change is real and something we need to try and combat if we want the planet to survive far into the future. But at what rate is climate change working, and what can we do about it on an ordinary level? By its very nature, global warming is increasing in severity as time goes on. Some of the effects of this are: melting polar ice shields and a rising sea. In certain areas, rainfall is becoming more common. These effects look set to continue. To combat climate change, we might need to do a whole host of things. Fortunately, there are plenty of steps we can all take to help. One of the most important is to be as energy efficient as possible, as this reduces your carbon footprint, thus slowing down climate change.


The global population is rising steadily, and has been for a very long time, but the problem is that this causes a huge number of issues over time. The rate of reproduction is still increasing, and the result of this is that many resources around the world are becoming more and more strained as time goes on. Overpopulation is a serious concern, there is no doubt about it. One of the biggest steps we can take as individuals is to help slow the birth rate. This is effectively getting the problem at its source. However, we can also work towards fixing the symptoms of overpopulation, such as using salmon farming to help feed people.

Failing Economies

Around the world, individual economies frequently suffer failings, either short- or long-term. What’s more, the global economy seems to be getting more and more unstable as time goes on. This is partially because the nature of capitalism is that it tends to suffer these periods. However, they seem to be becoming more and more common. As a result, it might not be long before the global economy falters altogether. When this happens, it might cause a huge amount of problems for everyone. A lowering of our focus on credit and reducing personal debts can all make a significant difference here.

What are for you the 3 major disasters our world is facing today? Comment and share your point of view.

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