Could We Ever Live In A World Powered By Solar Energy?


It’s no secret that we all rely on fossil fuels for a variety of reasons. First of all, they get used to create electricity for our homes and businesses. And, second, they power the vehicles that we drive on the road every day.

We all know about the benefits of solar energy and how they can be a sustainable form of electricity. Sure, there are other sustainable forms of energy such as wind and hydropower. But, could we ever live in a world where we only used solar energy? The surprising truth is yes, believe it or not! Here’s why

1. Denmark is a shining example of a solar innovator

Some countries have already taken measures to rely more on solar power and less on fossil fuels. Denmark, for example, had set itself an ambitious goal to generate 200 mW of solar energy by 2020. It surpassed that goal; in fact, the country produced around 790 mW as of 2015!

2. The cost of solar installations keeps on dropping

China has been the driving force of solar power. In fact, they are partly responsible for cheaper installations. Another key industry driver is government support; many countries are pro-solar energy. With those two facts in mind, it’s now cheaper than ever to start harnessing the sun’s energy.

3. There is plenty of sun for everyone

You might not think it, but many places in the Northern Hemisphere offer a plethora of sunshine! Check out these top ten solar cities in the USA for example:

Top 10 cities semper solaris

Semper Solaris San Diego

4 responses to “Could We Ever Live In A World Powered By Solar Energy?

  1. Each day the earth receive more energy than we humans need in one year. We only need to learn how to tap a few percent of this energy in an efficient and inexpensive manner.

    • Great comment Mordanicus, thank you. Indeed, everything is here for us but we are still far away. Nevertheless, we are awakening and we will find the solution to make it happen.

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