Eco-Friendly Hobbies To Try This Summer

If you’re fed up of having nothing to do in your spare time, it’s time to start a hobby. Hobbies are a fantastic way of learning new skills, having fun and improving your health and fitness levels. Some hobbies can also be kind and even beneficial to the environment. But with so many excellent hobbies to choose from, the choice can seem overwhelming. Use this quick list of eco-friendly hobbies that you can start this summer to help you narrow down your options.

eople hiking Photo Credit: FlickrHiking

Hiking is a hobby that lets you surround yourself with nature and beautiful surroundings. You can spend your spare time going on nature trails or visiting national parks and unleashing your sense of adventure. While also getting a wider understanding and stronger appreciation for the environment. Hiking has also been found to boost creativity and lower feelings of stress and anxiety. The best way to start this hobby is by joining a local hiking group or visiting a nearby park. Start with easy hiking trails to begin with then once you improve you can move on to more challenging ones. Make your new hobby even more eco-friendly by packing your snacks and water in reusable containers. Look for sensible hiking footwear and clothing online to make sure you’re well equipped for your hiking adventures.

Bird watching - Photo Credit: FlickrBird Watching

Bird watching is another fabulous eco-friendly hobby you can try in your spare time. You can visit local parks and forests and get accustomed to the different types of local birds. If you are unable to reach these areas, your backyard could also offer plenty of bird watching opportunities. You can plant trees, shrubs and plants that provide shelter and food for the birds. You could also build your own bird boxes and feeders by recycling wood from old furniture. This should encourage more birds to spend time in your yard. All you need now is a pair of binoculars, a notebook and a good place to sit and watch. Read reviews on the best binoculars worth 500 or less to find the best pair for your new hobby.

Upcycling - Photo Credit: FlickrUpcycling

If you are a creative person, this is the perfect hobby for you. Upcycling involves reusing items by giving them a new purpose, rather than throwing them away. For instance, instead of discarding old jam jars you could decorate them and use them as vases or plant pots. You could use old jumpers to create cushion covers and bags. The possibilities truly are endless, and the only limitation is your imagination and creativity. This will not only stop additional waste going into landfills, but it can also save you money by reducing your need for new items. Look for upcycling projects for beginners online and get your creative juices flowing.

These are some fantastic examples of hobbies that can be good for you and the environment. They can help you learn more about natural habitats, local wildlife, and the environmental issues. While also helping you to relieve stress and keep your body in excellent condition. So try one or all of these hobbies and benefit from all the good they can do.

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