Is your business helping or hurting the environment?

Did you know 65% would seriously consider leaving their job if their company harmed the environment? I’m sure you’re not a villain who wants to release pollution into the world, but it can be difficult to see how you can improve your business, and create a ‘green’ atmosphere. These tips can help you evaluate your business and give you some exciting new ideas.

Bike in front of a window

Are you recycling?

As a business, you need to be responsible for any waste you’re creating. If there’s any paper, metal, glass or plastic waste, make sure you have a system in place for disposing of them. This might not always be enough. You need to make sure your staff knows the drill. Ensure individual receptacles are clearly labelled. Otherwise, your employees may end up missing the recycling, and you’ll be back to square one.

Are you using renewable energy?

Owning a business often means using more electricity than a normal household. Many business owners do not realise the impact that they have on the environment. There are energy providers who can help, and offer 100% green power for your business. To learn more and to educate your workforce, consider having global renewable energy training. It could help you realise the parts of your business that could use a little TLC.

Do you encourage cycling to work?

Even installing a simple bike rack or bike shed shows your employees you care about their fitness. It also cuts down on the dangerous gases their cars pump out into the atmosphere every day on their commute. Set an example by cycling to work yourself, or incentivising green transport.

Have you started using electric vehicles?

On the subject of green transport, It’s not always possible to walk or cycle to work. You may have vehicles in use for additional services like deliveries working around the clock. I don’t think your delivery drivers would be too happy if you suggest they carry everything by bike!

The timing is perfect to start investing in electric vehicles. I’m sure you’ve seen small electric cars racing by – but did you know they make electric vans too? With government funding available and the savings, you’ll be making in fuel. It’s crazy not to start using electric. Not to mention, if you switch to a renewable energy provider, your cars will be 100% green energy fueled!

Educate your employees

There are lots of things that you can implement to support your staff be green. However, the best way to get your employees involved is by educating them. Perhaps have a small seminar highlighting the benefits, put up posters or consider incentives.

Are you printing unnecessary items?

Do you find that employees are printing emails or online invoices without reason? It may be well intentioned, but having digital copies is usually enough. Cut down on paper waste by discouraging over printing. You’ll find you’ll be buying less paper and printer ink too. Without the huge cost of all that printer ink, you’ll pretty much half your expenses!

Are you doing your bit for the environment? Make some changes today!

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