Astronomy Events – November 2014


by yaska77

It’s amazing how much turning the clocks back by just one hour can make the world of difference, as we did in the UK recently when British Summer Time officially came to an end.  Almost instantly you feel the change from summer to winter, even if temperatures haven’t yet started to plummet, and many of you will be anticipating the warmth of spring already.

But not your average astronomer. Our particular breed sees a cold night giving great “seeing” conditions and the longer hours of darkness as an opportunity to cram in more astral ogling. There we are stood in the cold and the dark to the bemusement of neighbours, all because of the passion we share.

It’s a passion that must hold at least a partial interest to you too, otherwise you’d not be here, so as part of our ongoing drive to get us all out appreciating the most…

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