DIO – Control & certification organism for organic products, non-profit organization

Logo DIO_En_RGBBecoming an eco-consumer is also to be able to recognize what are the organic products available in Greece and in the world. Meaning knowing what are the different certifications and what they certify you. In Greece there are 16 official certification organisms in addition to European labels. This is the first label I present you, a Greek organism the first one DIO.

Note: You can find on the website of DIO a catalogue of the certified companies, very useful.

What certification it proposes

DIO certifies not only organic products according to Europeans Union’s regulations but also in cooperation with international organisms according to specifications  and requirements of other international standards for organic products, like KRAV – Sweden, BIOSUISSE – Switzerland, JAS – Japan, Delinat – Organic Wine, GOTS – Organic tissues.

DIO is also authorized to inspect:

  • Food safety management systems EN ISO 22000:2005
  • Quality Management Systems EN ISO 9001:2008

In cooperation with the Italian organism ICEA, DIO provides certification services for organic cosmetics and detergents.

Companies certified respect limit of 0,01 mg/kr of non desired substances and they do not contain more than 0,9% of GMOs.


DIO is one of the 16 official organic products’ certification bodies approved by the Greek Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food. Created in 1993 with the legal form of non-profit and according the European Regulation. It is the first certification organism in this sector with the code GR- BIO – 01 and the first certification body accredited by the Greek Accreditation System in 2001 for the Standard ΕΝ-45011.

The Certification System of DIO is controlled by the competent authorities and in addition it is supervised by an independent body, the Committee on Impartiality and Monitoring, where consumer’s representatives, environmental organizations and certified operators.

DIO organizes every year the Exhibition of Organic Products – ECOFESTIVAL and participates in European and International programs for the development of organic agriculture (i.e. BIOLMED, Organic. mednet, CerOrganic)


Phone: 210-8224384                     E-mail: info@dionet.gr

Website: http://www.dionet.gr



YPEKA http://www.minagric.gr/mwg-internal/de5fs23hu73ds/progress?id=mUwakNWyj/




Have a question about environmental certifications, send your request to MissBlue

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