Zoom – Aloe Vera the elixir of immortality 12

smallAloeVeraPlantGreen yourself, change your behavior and your habits! The first mention of the use of Aloe goes back to 3rd millennium BC. in Sumer (Egypt), on tablets of clay. Since antiquity, Hippocrates, Dioscorides and Pliny the elder indicated Aloe to calm injuries and burns, indigestion and even tumors. It is found widely in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia as well as the treaties of Indian Ayurvedic, two practices that are still performed today after 3000 years. Aloe Vera is made of 99% water of vegetation. In the remaining 1% little miracles of incredible wealth work in synergy (250 substances in synergy discovered until today), among which 75 components with biological properties!

Health – Tip 12 Your best eco-friend against sting or itch

Close-up side view of a mosquito (Culex pipiens) on human skinSummer has started in Greece, and our 4 degrees celcius makes the best living for insects and specially mosquitoes. This year they are everywhere, coming at night and making your sleep a constant fight against them… It’s difficult to avoid bites and even more difficult to fight against itch. No worries, I have an idea for you, use Aloe Vera!

Use the Aloe Vera gel to make your life easier and apply it on the bites or the stings. You can buy your aloe vera gel in drug stores (make sure it has a high % of natural gel ≥90%) or you can use fresh gel extracted from the plant in your garden.

Stop stings and itches to make your daily life difficult and fight naturally with Aloe Vera gel.


Use fresh aloe leaf gel: If you want to extract the gel from your plant, you must cut a piece of the leaf and press, a clear viscous liquid come out and this is your fresh gel. Be careful; make sure you use the gel right away because it cannot be preserved. In case you prefer to buy your gel from the market, ensure you check that the brand you choose has the highest percentage of natural gel (usually you can find until 90% to 99%).

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