Astronomy Events – April 2014


by yaska77

British Summer Time is now in effect, giving us lighter evenings and signalling the approach of actual summertime 🙂

April is a good month for garden astronomers, the warmer evenings allow for longer use of scopes and cameras without as much annoyance from dew and lens fogging (or general freezing!) but it’s still getting dark early enough to get some good observing in before bed!

So with a meteor shower towards the end of the month it’s as good a time as ever to get kids into appreciating the wonders of the night sky.  Today’s enthusiastic children are tomorrow’s astronomers, scientists and astronauts!

As usual then we’ve listed some astronomical events of interest for the coming month, so pick out some observing opportunities and keep watching the skies!

Wednesday 2nd April – Planet Uranus is in conjunction with the Sun today and is unobservable throughout April

Thursday 3rd…

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