Reforestation at Aigaleo and Lero – with Skai – 09/03/2014


The Skai Tv in collaboration with the Environmental Associations of the Municipalities of Athens – Piraeus and Attica and the Municipalities of Leros and South Aegean Sea, organizes the reforestation of two different regions on Sunday March 9, 2014. It is planned to plant about 10,000 trees.

Locations: At Aigaleo, the meeting point is the entrance of the principal Gate of the Cemetery “Schisto”.

At the Island of Lero, the meeting point is the main Square of Agia Marinna Lerou.

Participators: Government bodies, voluntary groups, environmental agencies, schools, universities and businesses.

Time: 10 am (Greek time).

Further information for volunteers and about municipal transportation on the link of “Oloi Mazi Mporoume” (Greek language).


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