BIOTOPOS (habitat) & ARCTUROS LogoOn the January 24th Arctuors (Greece) organized the Event knowledge and presentation of the actions of the “Habitat – Nature in our yard” which is being implemented with the generous donation of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation and sponsored YPAITHPA, executed by the Office of School Operations in Secondary Education of Trikala , 3rd and 9th Gymnasium of Trikala and ARCTUROS .

The 3rd and 9th Gymnasium of Trikala coexist and share the courtyard which is one of the 20 yards of schools and institutions of vulnerable social groups participating in the Habitat program. In 2014 with this program ARCTUROS will create a botanical garden with trees, shrubs and grasses that you meet in the “habitat of the wolf” (chestnut, maple, oak, oleander, laurel, mint, etc. ) .

During the event, after greeting the Regional Director Helen Argyropoulos – Kalliara and the warm welcome by the Deputy Mayor Athanasios Xafo, some presentations were made:

  • Messages from the ecosystem of our everyday life,” Helen Giontzi, Head of School Operations Secondary Education Trikala.
  • Habitat: Nature in our yard,” Lazaros Georgiadis, Director of Programs ARCTUROS.
  • Habitat. The nature in our yard: soul of nature in our school, ” Amalia K. Eliades, D / Director 3rd High School of Trikala, philologist – historian.
  • Habitat: Nature in our yard , the habitat of lupus,” Rj’tsa Tegou, PE06 teacher, program coordinator for the 3rd High School of Trikala.
  • The schoolyard from yesterday to today …” Christos Papadoulis, D / Director 9th School of Trikala.
  • Habitat: Nature in our backyard, school yard of our dreams,” Fanny Kogianni, program coordinator for the 9th High School of Trikala.

Pleasant surprise of the event was the presentation of the children, which showed they assure the immediate mobilization and uptake of the messages that the program wants to share.Arcturos Trikala

ARCTUROS thanked all the participants and their bodies standing contributor to the implementation of the Habitat program in Trikala and in particular the Regional Unit and the Municipality of Trikala for the location arrangement and the overall strong support.

Further information about the project “Habitat – The Nature in Our Yard” on ARCTUROS’ website (only in greek).


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