ARCTUROS says ‘no’ to restore animal shows in zoos!

Acturos LogoOn January 10, 2014, in a press release Arcturos denounces the operation of restoring shows with animal by the government just two years after their removal.

“In early 2012 ARKTUROS, other animal welfare organizations, concerned citizens and groups celebrated the implementation of the law N.4039/2012 who banned circus with animals and any kind of animal shows. It was the culmination of years of effort that made Greece the first country in Europe and second in the world with circus without any animal and fourth country in Europe without a circus with wild animals.

Today, however, the draft law entitled “Administrative measures, procedures and penalties in the implementation of EU and national legislation in the areas of food, feed and health and animal welfare and other provisions competence” discussed the past three days to the Standing Committee on Production and Trade of the Parliament aims amending the law * in order to restore the performances and entertainment in zoos which may serve only unscrupulous individuals and business interests!

With this bill the Government attempts to return to the previous regime, which led to animal abuse during their training to perform live performances.

Baptizing as “educational” shows that have no scientifically proven educational dimension, as the picture shown is false and does not correspond to the lives and behavior of animals in nature.

What elapsed within two years to justify amending and changing government policy for the protection of animals in Greece?

Meanwhile, according to the triennial survey conducted by the European Network of Organizations for the Elimination of captive wildlife (ENDCAP) in collaboration with ARCTUROS, zoos in Greece and almost all other European countries fail to ensure a sustainable environment for wild animals that they host.”

According to the publication, Arcturos calls on the authorities not to change the law that had banned all animal’s shows but also to stop illegal shows with dolphins at Attica Zoological Park.


* This bill provides that: ” Paragraph 1 of Article 13 shall be replaced as follows:” 1. From the prohibitions laid down in paragraphs 1 and 2 of Article 12 excluded, aquariums, shops selling animal shelters wildlife species, the farming game and reports the development and promotion of the livestock and agricultural sectors, which are governed by specific provisions, provided that the above premises are not conducted performances of all kinds, involving animals, except dressage performances and conducting equestrian sports that include jumping, dressage and eventing. Excluded also are legally operating zoos in facilities which conducted educational performances and educational outreach programs. “

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