How the Greeks consume energy?

It is just a few days after the publication of my free handbook for energy consumption ‘s reduction that the research that I have been waiting a long time came out. What we consume today in Greece and how. The Greek Statistical Authority published the first results of the research in a press release recently (on the data from 2011 to 2012). We can now have a complete picture of the distribution of this consumption.

Average energy consumption 13.994 kWh yearly per household.EnergyConsumption

We use more energy for heating (64%), cooking (17%) and electrical appliances (10%). That means these are the core issues on which Greek households must make saving and since it is under their control they can make the difference.

Well done! At home, 61% of households do not leave the peripherals (printers …) to stand by and 45% for the computers, which saves a lot of energy because these devices can reach up to 950 kWh / year consumption if kept in standby. Unfortunately only 21% of households have the TV on standby. So tomorrow we all put a a power strip with closing botton to the television and close it when not used.

The most used cooking appliances are the stove (93%), the electric oven (89%) and microwave (39%), so here again find a way to disconnect  them when not in use.

Bulb zith dollqr Photo CreditM ?icrosoft OfficeHouseholds use as electrical appliances refrigerator (with or without freezer), TV, washing machine (with or without dryer), iron, vacuum cleaner, computer (desktop, laptop), appliances Internet (modem, rooter, etc.) and dishwasher. It will also be where you, eco-citizens, must find a way to ensure you use them in a way you minimize your carbon footprint.

A very good point of the survey is that 60% of people buy household appliances based on their energy labeling. This means that the energy label is now a standard way of comparing products for Greeks, it is a major step towards a greener life.

To act greener, download the manual “I consume less energy 1.


Article of web newspaper «Πόση ενέργεια καταναλώνουν τα νοικοκυριά στην Ελλάδα; Έρευνα», 29/10/ 2013,

Greek Statistical Authority «ΕΡΕΥΝΑ ΚΑΤΑΝΑΛΩΣΗΣ ΕΝΕΡΓΕΙΑΣ ΣΤΑ ΝΟΙΚΟΚΥΡΙΑ,  2011-2012»

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