Why ITER Project is Making History?

ITER top_logoEnergy project in Cadarache, France: September begins with a lot of work ahead, ITER Project actors remain confident even though challenges are coming up.

September 2013, Ministerial Level ITER Meeting

ITER is too huge to keep politicians out of the scope. On September 6, 2013, in France, the high-level meeting took place with the representatives of the seven ITER Members. The representatives acknowledged the advancement of the construction of the biggest tomahawk in history and they reaffirmed the complexity, the challenges of the projects but underlined the importance on it. ITER Project is essential for the future of energy resource for the world.

The annual reports are available; let’s take a look at some figures

ITER in 2012 is

477 employees (471 in 2011) working for the biggest energy project of the world, working on a solution that can revolutionize the world.

€979 Million of Property, Plant & Equipment (€736 Million in 2011): increasing year after year with the construction progressing with a satisfied rhythm.

€218 Million Cash Contributions (€184 Million in 2011): contributions come from the seven members of the project. Contributions have risen too thing that is predictable since construction sites from all over the world are working hard.

€61 Million Operating Expenses (€65 Million in 2011): Announcing a cost-control strategy for this year, aligned with the global crisis, the ITER Project management teams accomplished the goal in 2012.

Aerial photo of the ITER construction zone 13/09/2013 Photo Credit: ITER org.

Aerial photo of the ITER construction zone 13/09/2013 Photo Credit: ITER org.

Learn more with images, videos and much further documentation on the official website of the project: http://www.iter.org/


ITER official website: http://www.iter.org/

2011 and 2012 Financial Statements

Press Release 06/09/2013

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