The 20th Nationwide Celebration of ecological agriculture & Crafting- Chalkida (Euboea, Greece) 27 to 29 September 2013

Oikogiorti logoLocation: PARK LAOU, CHALKIDA

Dates: 27–29 September 2013.

The Nationwide celebration of ecological agriculture and crafts began its journey in Thessaloniki and travels every year in different cities. Ten years ago it passed by Chalkida leaving to the people new ways and means for a more conscious life. 20 years after, the feast comes again in Chalkida.

The feast supports the direct relationship between consumer and producer, clean and high quality food for all, local products, the reconnection of nature and society.

You will have the opportunity to meet over 100 participants and discover interesting local products.

Further information on the Oikogiorti website (only in greek).

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