Bike-action on 09.17.2013 at Sintagma Square – Greece

GPBecome September 15, part of Greenpeace’s action for the Arctic! Take your bike and come to Ice Ride, bike-action organized by Greenpeace in 75 cities around the world to protect the Arctic and the planet by the major oil companies.

The Ice Ride will start from Sitagma Square at 17.30 with final destination Batis in Paleo Faliro. There we will take a group photo that will travel around the world! And one more thing: you can come and without bike directly to Batis. But because actions need good time too… after the bike-ride we feast!

Take part in order to organize the largest bike-action ever!

More information on the page of Greenpeace (Greece), for other cities please to your country’s Greenpeace’s site.

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