Out of Office – Summer 2013


My dear readers, the summer period has begun, and I suppose you have noticed that the periodicity of the posting articles has been slowing down. No I am not giving anything up, but as you can imagine, I am preparing for my holidays period. For this reason, I wanted to share with you that from August, 1st until August, 18th I will be on holidays. For this reason, you will surely notice that the MissBlue blog will be inactive during these days, since I am alone on this project.

What can you expect right after summer period?

More Galleries, to make you travel through photography…

More on our favorite projects and a new project on the list, more articles and of course more information on Green life and business.

Companies, not to worry, MissBlue will be even more active in organizing your Green Transition.

Special Offer! you have personal business and want to make your Green Transition? MissBlue proposes to the one person, who will respond with a message, to help him carry out the Green Transition free of charges. Send your application by writing me an email at cam.delcour@gmail.com (Subject of the mail: Green Transition Prototype) with your presentation, what business do you have. (Any industry and type of business)

Finally, thank you to all of you that read me, and give the courage to continue and the passion to continue. Have a wonderful summer and do not forget to care about your environment and your loved ones, actually all the people!

Camille Delcour vs MissBlue

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