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Mumu Organic is the first brand from Greece producing organic women’s clothing. It was born in the beautiful Cyclades islands in 2009 by the designer Athena Bentila and the artist Roland Wakker. The fabrics come from Fair Trade and are eco-friendly. Τhe clothes are handmade, cool, comfortable and feminine and they are produced in Greece in small quantities.

Need and/or want to dress stylish and “green”, Mumu Organic Collections is your solution, the Cyclades Islands of the Aegean Sea, with their blue skies and cobalt-colored waters are only few of the factors that provide Mumu Organic with the inspiration. The prices of these interesting designs are ranging between 60 and 120 Euros.

Miss Blue: Hello Athina, one year after our interview, a difficult year in Greece for the economy and the country. How can you describe this year for Mumu organic?

Athina BentilaMumu organic:

First of all, this year was a very creative year for sure with new experiences and collaborations. However, this year still is difficult like last year.

You launched the new Collection, what inspired you?

Yes, the new collection Autumn/Winter 2013 is ready and very soon available through our e-shop

sophia_dress_MuMu OrganicFor the creation of my collections, my inspiration always comes from nature, the tissues themselves, art, and human. When I was designing the Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection I had on the back of my mind the modern woman who likes the timeless and classic style but in parallel who wants to be comfortable, elegant and modern.

What news can you announce us?

The company Mumu Organic is preparing a new collaboration with Italy and I hope that next summer Mumu Organic eco-clothes will be available in a variety of specially chosen boutiques in our neighbor country, Italy.

Like said above it was a difficult year, and you too did a lot of efforts in order to face the conjuncture, what measures did you take?

In 2012 it was an extremely difficult year but Mumu Organic remains stable to its values, principles and goals.

This year, the company Mumu Organic participated in an exhibition Ecoluxe London in September, 16th & 17th, which takes place two times a year during the Fashion Week in London. Ecoluxe London is an exhibition for fashion & design companies with ecological consciousness worldwide. It was an important experience.

In Greece, MuMu organic is collaborating with the Showroom 10 in Athens and very soon with a showroom in Italy.

Mumu organic clothing are todfay available for sale through different channel, which ones?

marlene dress - MuMu OrganicMuMu Organic clothes are channelled through

1. Showroom

              Α) Showroom 10 in Athens, tel. 211 1829931, responsible Mia Evgeniadou

             Β) Through the showroom Campagna del Mediterraneo in Italy

2. Selected Boutiques in Europe (Spain, Belgium, France) and in Greece

3. Online Marketplaces in USA, Australia and England. And of course through our own e-shop:

For further information, you can visit the company site

A. Bentila, thank so much for your time.

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