Zoom – Baking Soda, your eco-friend 23

Green yourself, change your behavior and your habits! Make sodium bicarbonate NaHCO3 (or baking soda) your best friend eco-product: cheep (around 2 in Greece), present in all supermarkets, 100% natural and ecological and has many usages. It is a white powder made ​​from chalk and salt.

Cleaning – Tip 23 Your best eco-friend for your pet

How nice is to have a friend like a dog or a cat at home, we live with three cats and there is no day where I do not have to clean the floors and many other corners where I know they like to play. Again, I discover a new way to use my magic potion “Baking Soda!Domestic cat kitten at feeding dish side view

Did you know that you can clean-up the accessories you use for your pets, and since you have started your green transition, why not apply it to your pets too. Once per week, put all the bowls (with which you feed them) and toys in a tub of hot water, add 3 tablespoons of baking soda and live then an hour. The abrasive and anti-limestone quality of baking soda will throw away all impurities. You pet will eat, drink and play with naturally cleaned accessories, no toxic substances used and no danger for its health.

Close-up of a cute dog relaxingSecondly, did you remember the zoom baking soda about cleaning your fridge, well, with the same technique; you can take off malodors of your dog. After the bath and after the dog is totally dry, sprinkle the dog with a lot of baking soda and then brush it. The difference, you will understand it with your nose.

Baking soda, is a magic potion, you can use it for human, for animals, to clean, eat and make a beauty. It is a magic potion because not only it helps cleaning, but also it hydrates the skin, erases malodors from nearly everything and it is also a good way to avoid using toxic substances from animals like our lovely pets.

2 responses to “Zoom – Baking Soda, your eco-friend 23

  1. I have a cat too, and I learned you could put some baking soda in its litter for the smell ! It works very well !

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