Zoom – Baking Soda, your eco-friend 21

Green yourself, change your behavior and your habits! Make sodium bicarbonate NaHCO3 (or baking soda) your best friend eco-product: cheep (around 2 in Greece), present in all supermarkets, 100% natural and ecological and has many usages. It is a white powder made ​​from chalk and salt.

Garden – Tip 21 Your best eco-friend for your garden and flowers

What is better than a beautiful garden and/or veranda? Flowers and green helps your spirit to rest, to calm down And as you can imagine, “Baking Soda” can here again provide you a good help.

Clean veranda

Summer has arrived, what a great spiritual moment when you come back from work to rest on your veranda. Here is a great tip to get rid of the moss that proliferates during winter: in 1L of hot water put 3-4 teaspoon of baking soda, throw the water on the veranda where you have moss and wait one hour for the magic potion to react. Then rinse well and rub with a sponge, piece of cake.

Cleaned Garden equipmentWoman weeding

You are taking out the garden equipment. But after months without use it needs a good cleaning session before inviting your friends to sit. So in order to clean them up easily, in depth and economically, use your baking soda potion. Put in 1L of hot water, 2 teaspoon of baking soda, and with a sponge rub and rinse. Task done and you will be surprise of the result.

Avoid the development of weeds

Time to take care of your garden, but can’t get rid of all these weeds each time! So in order to avoid the proliferation of weeds you can throw a little bit of baking soda on the places where you know they usually appear, baking soda will not damage your flowers or the soils, and will make your gardening life easier.

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