Solar Impulse new world distance record in the solar aviation category of the FAI, 2013

Solar ImpulseAfter a successful first leg on May 3, where Bertrand Piccard flew Solar Impulse from the San Francisco Bay Area to Phoenix, The longest distance flight in the history of the project was a success! Solar Impulse, piloted by André Borschberg, landed at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport on Thursday May 23nd at 01:08AM CDT (UTC-5). The previous distance record already belongs to Solar Impulse when André flew 693 miles (1.116 km) from Switzerland to Spain in May, 2012.

The flight amounted to 868 miles (1396.8 km), breaking the world distance record in the solar aviation category of the FAI.

The third leg of the Across America journey, from Dallas (TX) to St-Louis (MI), will be flown by Bertrand Piccard. By achieving historical firsts and setting new records, Solar Impulse hopes to inspire everyone to be pioneers and change-makers to bring solutions for today’s challenges. Clean Generation, Solar Impulse’s latest initiative to create a global movement to promote the use of clean technology, is already rallying thousands of people to support the adoption of sustainable energy solutions. The names of those who join this movement are carried on a USB key kept in the cockpit and transported across America as virtual passengers.

2013_05_23 Across America Flight Phoenix to Dallas landing revillard Photo Credit: Solar Impulse

2013_05_23 Across America Flight Phoenix to Dallas landing revillard Photo Credit: Solar Impulse

Five custom-designed flags displaying the Clean Generation slogan are carried by the pilots and handed over to civic leaders at each stop. The flags are as a symbol of inspiration for citizens, CEOs and policymakers to adopt Solar Impulse’s pioneering, clean-energy spirit. In Phoenix, the Clean Generation flag was handed over to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, who visited Solar Impulse at Phoenix Sky Harbor during a dinner organized by the Swiss consulate.

All those interested in being part of this movement can sign up here:

The Solar Impulse across America mission is made in partnership with Solvay, Schindler, Bayer Material Science, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, Sunpower and the Swiss Confederation.


  • Early May 2013: First leg San Francisco/Moffett Airfield – Phoenix/Sky Harbor
  • Mid May 2013: Second leg Phoenix/Sky Harbor – Dallas/Fort Worth
  • End May – Early June 2013: Third leg Dallas/Fort Worth – St. Louis/Lambert Airport
  • Early to Mid-June 2013: Fourth leg St. Louis/Lambert Airport – Washington DC/Dulles
  • Early July 2013: Fifth and last leg Washington DC/Dulles – New York/JFK


Solar Impulse official website:

Press Release 21/05/2013 Solar Impulse leaves Phoenix to Dallas as part of historic flight across America

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