Entrepreneurs! Mistakes to avoid – 2nd part

Case study: Green Hairdresser in Zografou (testing date 16/03/2013)

GreenConsulting 1Last week, searching for innovative and environmental friendly Greek companies, I had the chance to test the first and only (in my knowledge) “Green Hairdresser” (GHrd). Yes, in Athens in Zografou neighborhood, there is a 2 years old Hairdressing Saloon that proposes a “Green” service. I jumped on the occasion and made an appointment, so excited to discover this innovative idea (I must admit I did not expect to find such business here). Unfortunately, my experience was more like a “what not to do” experience than a discovering and refreshing natural moment. Therefore I decided that it would be a good idea to study the different mistakes noticed so that we can take our lesson from it. The case study will also help illustrating what can transform a strategic idea to a bad result.

The company office and buildings, there are ideas for every level of budgets

Many new green-entrepreneurs forget a very important point, how to make their business offices more environmental friendly without exceeding available funds. This presupposes two important steps: First, the entrepreneur is aware that an eco-company is not only based on what you are selling and/or buying, it is about managing a business that proposes ecological products/services associated to a management model respectful to the environment at all levels and functions (management, production, communication, …).

GreenConsulting 5Secondly, the entrepreneur has clearly defined his budget and is aware what resources can be dedicated. Of course the level of the transformation of the offices depends on the budget available, thus if renovating buildings is not possible, the entrepreneur must find other ways to improve company’s Carbone footprint: use of recycling paper, making the selection of the garbage, implementing energy saving procedures and train employees where is needed. In our study case, the GHD had one unique garbage bin; which means that all types of garbage goes to the same bin.

The GHD had nothing of a green business except the cosmetics it uses: neon lights on the outside flashing even during daytime (my appointment was at 16.00 pm) this means no energy saving projects, energy-saving bulbs and regular paper. A small business can also find innovative, cheap systems that allow a better management of the energy consumption, such as power strip with energy saving functionality. And slowly the entrepreneur can make a list of what he is using at daily basis and try to assess what can be changed for a more environmental friendly activity.


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