Saturday Fruit’Zoom – Lemon

The lemon … in salads, with meat, fish, in tarts, cakes and where the lemon can’t be used! It is the fruit of the hybrid tree, the lemon tree (Citrus or lemon) and belongs to the family of Rutaceae (= Hesperidaceae). When discovered the lemon was used in medicine, for its antiseptic properties and high acidity (juice containing 5% citric acid and pH of 2 to 3). The lemon tree comes from China and India and was brought to Europe during the 1st century BC, under the Roman Empire. It was cultivated in southern Italy and Sicily, from where it was bring to Greece.Lemons

The lemon tree wants tropical and temperate climate, fertile and dry soil, a lot of sunshine and water and to dry between watering and does not tolerate low temperatures. The countries that produce a lot of lemons are Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Argentina, India, Brazil and the USA.


  • Good for the heart,
  • Helps regulate blood pressure,
  • Softens skin,
  • Cures scurvy (Scurvy is a disease caused by a deficiency in the body of vitamin C),

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