“Clean Greece, make Greece more beautiful” – with Skai – 31/03/2013

In the campaign of Skai.gr “Clean Greece, make Greece more beautiful”, SKAI cleanings continues Sunday, December 31st in Maroussi – Cleaning and trees plantation in 3 locations: in the area of ​​St. Thomas, the Carella domain and Mimikopoulou domain in Maroussi.

Meeting point:

  1. In St. Thomas neberghood, at the intersection of Amarissia Artemis and Protagoras roads.
  2. At Carella’s domain, at the end of the Foinikon road.
  3. At Mimikopoulou’s domain, at the intersection of Artemis and Alsous roads.


Time: 10 am (Greek time)

For this action, the Municipality of Amaroussiou has organized special transporting means from the Town Hall to the locations, departure at 09.30 am (Greek time).

Sources and further information on the following website (Greek language only)

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