Reforestation at Hymettus – with Skai – 17/02/2013

The Skai Tv in collaboration with the Municipality of Papagos-Holargos and the Association for the Protection and Development of Hymettus, organizes a tree planting action on Sunday 17th February. Around 5000 saplings in an area of 40 acres on Hymettus will be planted.

Location: at the end of Zisimopoulou road, at the corner of Zisimopoulou and Didaskalou roads in Papagou.

Participators: primary schools, high schools of the municipality Papagou – Holargos, Scouts, Greek Girls’ Lyceum, the 951st Military Police Battalion, 13th Special Operations Command, the clubs of the Municipality, Fire fighting truck and numerous volunteers.

Time: 10 am (Greek time).

Further information for volunteers and about municipal transportation, follow the link (Greek language):

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