Reforestation at Pendeli – with Skai –18/11/2012

The Skai Tv in collaboration with the Association for the Protection and Rehabilitation of Penteli Municipality and the Direction for the Reforestation of Attica, organize tree planting action in the area of Penteli. It is planned to plant about 10,000 trees.

Location: 50m before the Paidon Hospital in Pendeli.

Participators: Voluntary bodies, schools and organizations from Mount Penteli, Maroussi, Kifissia and other municipalities in northeastern Attica.

Time: 10 am (Greek time).

Further information for volunteers and about municipal transportation, follow the link (Greek language):

Next reforestation at the Pendeli area will be organized:
Sunday 02/12/2012. Reforestation at Karouli Pendeli region.
Thursday 13/12/2012.
Η Reforestation in the region behind the PIKPA of Pendeli, in collaboration with the northeastern Attica’s schools.

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