A new step for Solar Impulse, the solar plane

Solar Impulse had a brilliant year 2012, where it completed its first intercontinental flight by connecting Europe to Africa via seven legs and 6000km using only solar power. Today, the project of the Swiss aviation pioneers Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg’s ambition to fly around the world powered only by solar energy completed another important step.

20120919 Announcement of the partnership with Swiss Re Corporate Solutions – PhotoCredit: Solar Impulse

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, the commercial insurance business unit of Swiss Re Group, is joining forces with Solar Impulse as its Official Insurance Provider. “This partnership is an excellent fit between two organizations who share a belief that innovation can flourish when knowledge and expertise is combined across industries,” says Agostino Galvagni, CEO of Swiss Re Corporate Solutions. “Swiss Re Corporate Solutions is showing that it has the expertise to match Solar Impulse’s needs on a project which will potentially revolutionize the way we power society.” Bertrand Piccard, Initiator and Chairman of Solar Impulse, welcomes this new partnership: “When my grandfather completed the first flight into the stratosphere in 1931, nobody wanted to insure him. Today, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions has proven its pioneering spirit by insuring a revolutionary experimental prototype.

Such insurance solutions are important enablers of innovation because they mitigate the financial risks and improve the bankability of pioneering projects. “This partnership with a specialist in risk mitigation like Swiss Re Corporate Solutions will strengthen the team to further improve the reliability and the safety of the flight around the world,” explains André Borschberg, co-founder and CEO of the project.

See more detailed information on the plane and the team on:



Solar Impulse official website:


Press Release 19/09/2012

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