How to Clean your Floors Ecologically?

An important part of the home cleaning process is the floors. A clean home is synonymous with a healthy lifestyle, and floors are not a part you can neglect. What could you change to avoid using toxic detergents?

A woman using organic cleaning products

Like all “go green” processes you have two choices according to the time and the budget you can dedicate to the task. Either you go for a “ready” solution either you choose the “do-t-yourself” solution, allowing you to make more economies in money but it will be a little bit more time-consuming. So as we have being repeating in many articles, replace the usual detergents you buy with organic products (do not forget to ensure yourself that the products have the adequate certification). You can find in the market (supermarkets, specialized stores and e-shops) many organic brands and even Greek brands. The main labels you can find for housecleaning products are Ecolabel (, a European Certification Organism), Ecocert (, a French Certification Organism) mainly. It is important to note that for sure the offer in type of product is more restraint when it comes to organic cleaning products; indeed you will easily find a general use detergent but when it comes to more specific products, than I would propose you try the “do-it-yourself” solution.

Grab a pen and write the solutions and remember baking soda or/and white vinegar:

  • For bathroom floors, tiles or kitchen floor: you can use white vinegar. White vinegar eliminates microbes and is the adequate replacing for household bleach, while on the other hand, baking soda helps eliminating malodors and limestone. In a pail add hot water, a glass of white vinegar and a glass of baking soda, mix and use as usually you do.
  • For floors of varnished and/or vitreous parquets, of concrete or PVC: it would be enough to use a black soap diluted in hot water.
  • For carpeted floor, you sprinkle baking soda on the floor, live it about 1hour and then remove it all with your vacuum. This will eliminate all the dust and the mites.
  • For your mirrors and windows you can add to hot water a glass of white vinegar and with an old wet newspaper rub until all the traces have disappeared.
  • Finally for the very dirty parts, use a mix of hot water (0.5 liter) and baking soda (25 g), rub and rinse correctly.

English: Glass vial containing Cistus Essential Oil

Tip:you can add a tablespoon of citrus essential oil or even freshly pressed lemons, it will give a natural lemon aroma to your homemade detergents.

Being green is not that difficult, even the receipts are really simple, don’t you think?

→If you try this solution or if you have other tips for a green house cleaning, don’t hesitate to send BlueFairy your impressions here

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