Psit psit, fresh air for a clean home!

Blue Fairy tested it for you, and is really excited to share a 100% natural and organic solution to purify the air of your house/apartment! It really works and makes a difference!

We all sometime use product to cover malodors or in order to purify and fresh up the air of our apartment. It is important to do it regularly especially for those living in a city. Air pollution in apartment is mostly Volatiles Organic Compounds (VOC), which appear with the use of cleaning products, of heating, from the kitchen… VOCs contribute to the air pollution and also to the ozone formation. Synthetic air perfumes have been proven quite dangerous for the health and can be at the origin of allergies and asthma. For this reason, it is recommended to regularly purify and clean your air in order to push away this interior pollution. According to a study of the French association UFC – Que Choisir[1] conducted in 2008, most deodorants (sprays, candles, electric diffusers, chemical essential oils) contain chemicals harmful to health, and the association advises consumers not to use them. Between 39 brands of air deodorants tested by the association, only 9 are “acceptable”. The association underlines 4 principle risks: risks of irritation to respiratory or lung, risk of allergy in relation to the different flavors mainly, air fresheners are suspected endocrine disruptors and risks to long-term health effects related to the presence of carcinogenic substance and / or toxic fumes in these products. UFC – Que Choisir alerts consumers to avoid at least two substances formaldehyde and benzene that are carcinogenic to humans according to the World’s Health Organization’s classification. How to avoid these hazardous substances and continue cleaning efficiently the home? Blue Fairy found a solution, allowing money saving, a healthy and 100% natural solution.

First of all, to have a fresh air in your apartment ensure to open the windows/doors often, it helps significantly the ventilation of your habitat. Then if you want to purify and vanish malodors and VOCs here is the magic solution BlueFairy tested: dissolve 1 teaspoon of baking soda in 50cl of hot water. Add one teaspoon of lemon juice and put the potion in a spray bottle. Spray every room of your habitat with the solution to purify the air. You will notice that the result is really natural and efficient. Of course according to your preferences you can instead of lemon juice choose any other essential oil (menthe, eucalyptus, etc…). If you objective is to fight a specific malodor you can also use the following recipe: take a bowl and put a little bit of baking soda. Put the recipient in a corner near the source of the odor and leave it, it should neutralize the odors and the comfort returns. Of course, you can also use organic air purification products but be really careful that they are certified by recognized organism or at least choose products that do not contain formaldehyde and/or benzene.

BlueFairy rediscovers the Grannies’ tips for a greener life and test them. Don’t hesitate and adopt habits that can really make a difference for your wallet, your health and the environment. Remember that you have nothing to lose except that you will change product.


[1] UFC – Que Choisir ( is the Union for French Consumers, a non-profit association founded in 1951, Dean of consumer associations in Western Europe.

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