I am aware when I buy

There is always a period where your washing machine breaks and I don’t know why, all the rest (or nearly all) of your equipment breaks. One machine after another… like if they had consulted together to break! So when that time comes or if you move in a new apartment/house, you will have to be careful that the equipment you buy is eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly equipment not only helps to protect the environment but also participates on reducing your monthly cost of energy. To be sure you buy this type of equipment you will have to ensure and look at the new energy etiquette. The new etiquette introduces 3 types of new classes of higher energy efficiency: A +, A + + and A + + + and presents the information in a more friendly way (more icons helping the buyer etc…). With this etiquette you can see if the choice you are making is eco-friendly or not. This new etiquette will also give you the information of the yearly consumption, information that will directly help you understand the economies you will make and to compare with concrete information the different choice you have.

Many of you will note that A+++ equipment can sometimes be much more expensive than another class, but this means that in the future you will have an more effective machine that consumes les energy and water, you are making an investment!

Finally, you can find labels for many type of products helping you recognize what products are eco-friendly or not. It is a good way to differentiate from the other products.



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