Evaluate your self

You are not totally convinced you need to make or you can make more savings on energy? You need to understand what your consumption is? There are tools today on the internet which can really help you to have this image. Usually called “carbon footprint calculators” and they are free to use. How it works? The program helps you through questions to evaluate the different source of energy consumption in your house and some also in your habits. At the end of the survey/game, the program gives you a note of your footprint. You can then, distinguish where you need to make efforts and where you are a good ecologist.

I would recommend starting from this step before starting your green personnal transformation. In Greece, you have the following Carbon Footprint Calculators:

For an evaluation of your carbon footprint in your house:

WWF Hellas proposes an interesting calculator http://www.wwf.gr/footprint/.

For a more global evaluation, applied to your house and your behavior outside:

Econews.gr website is your choice: http://www.econews.gr/carbon-footprint-calculator/.

Note: Of course, these games are different one country to another, since energy cost is different, so make sure you use the one adapted to your country.

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