Boom Festival 2012 – Portugal – 28/07 – 04/08/2012

You want your holidays to remind you Peace, Celebration, Psychedelic Culture, Art, Environment, Knowledge, Education, and Love! Then … you must participate to the 15th edition of Boom Festival. The free spirits’ festival will take place in in Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal about 250 km from Lisboa.

You can buy your ticket online on the festival’s website at 120€ or to the Gate at 180€ and appreciate the “multi-sensory experience to channel in the cosmic truth” with a huge line-up of the best artists like DICKSTER, X-DREAM, AVALON, KILLERWATTS, LOGIC BOMB, TRISTAN, ZEN MECHANICS, EGORYTHMIA and many other great names of the psychedelic culture.

Facilities: A camping area is at disposal of ravers with all the adequate installations, do not hesitate to see the festival website where you can have all the information you need.

Green Details: “a tribe interconnected with the Sacred Earth” Boom Festival might be today one of the most “Green” festival awarded in 2008 and 2010 with the Greener Festival Award (Outstanding Prize) and with the European Festival Award 2010 – Green’n’Clean Festival of the Year. They have today explored many ways to transform the Boom experience to an Earth connected voyage where the environment is respected and treated as a magical place. The Boom organization is involved in many domains: Energy (three small mobile photovoltaic stations with six 80-watt panels used for offices etc. One solar station produced at the Boom Lab had an output of 3.2 kw/hour of solar energy per day and another bigger one which produces 13kw/hour of solar energy per day), Sanitation (Compost Toilets), Water Treatment (Water will be recycled on site by a biological treatment system, plants will clean it and micro-life will perfect it), Reuse of materials and reduced consumption, Recycling, Public Transport, Eco-Art, Bio-Construction, Social sustainability and Education… Ιn 2010 100% of water wastes was recycled.

The Boom organization is really innovative and one of the first team to present such green festival organization and spirit. Many teams play on the green tablet to bring more people or to have the image but we usually realize at the location that it is all superficial, while Boom really presents a spirit of ecology in depth and studied each part of the festival in order to make it as eco-friendly.

It is a must to live this experience and I wish to all to be able to have this chance.

Further details on

Please send us your green impressions if you participated to the event!

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