Reduce your computer’s energy consumption

When technology comes to serve the great issue of environment protection and resources savings, the result can be magical. The important is what objective we give to technology. You have a lot of computers at home or at the office? You pay too much in electricity because you are not one of the lucky ones that have solar energy yet… 

It is very simple: go to you will read the following

  • “100% software based solution, installed in just a few seconds and simple to use. No impact on your user experience.
  • Over 75% reduction on the electricity bill and carbon footprint of your home or business, desktop or mobile computer.
  • Detection of computer and user activity and intelligent management of sleep and standby modes.
  • Real-time adjustment of your processor power to the application you are using.
  • Increaser battery life of laptops.
  • Decreasing the temperature of the computer and increase the life of equipment.”

A program that makes your computer uses less energy! Isn’t it just wonderful!

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