Need to send something, think green … your company moves out, think green

You are small company or self employed; well you are even more concerned by reducing your costs. Sometimes it is interesting to search for alternatives, that can be really modify your cost grid and also improve your carbon footprint.

In Greece, surely you can find similar services in any other countries and maybe even more developed, you can find today green services for transportation. What alternatives do you have? Concerning products’ transfers from a city to another, you can use a very cheapsendeasy service (cost reduction until 70%) “Sendeasy” ( Sendeasy uses a network of transportation companies’ to place your packages in camionempty trucks/ships which would do the same route anyway. This allows you to have a cheap offer, to make fuel savings and an eco-friendly action since you directly reduce the number of trucks/ships for the same road.

If you are a an Athenian company and use a lot courier services, an alternative  that can make your client smile and improve your company image or even improve you clients’ loyalty, is the Bicycle Couriers Bondexcouriers ( At a price at the same level than any other courier agency, it makes your deliveries 100% green. The bondexwebsite and the services are very good, timing is ensured and the team is composed of professional and responsible young people. They send your mail or package all around Athens city with their bikes; you will never find greener service!

So study your cost, organize it and be the change. If you need help the Bluefairy can bring support (just contact me here).

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