Compost Saga 3: Composting in your balcony or in your kitchen

Like many people, you may have only an apartment and do not have the chance to have a garden. Composting can be realized also on a balcony, you only need to buy the adequate composting bin.

You can find usually two types of composting bins: one using a rotating bin which operates without earthworms and for which the composting process can last around 4 -6 weeks depending on the model you bought. This type of composting bin can recycle gardening wastes and also kitchen wastes.

Another solution for your balcony is a bin which works with earthworms and where you better use a composting liquid collector. This last piece helps to take out any liquid created during the composting process (avoiding the creation of any bacteria). This type of bin has one major advantage is that you can, if needed, add additional level to your bin, making it higher and increasing with this way the capacity.

And to conclude you can use the small composting bin in your kitchen. These small bins are used as complementary to any other composting bin. Meaning, the created mixture must be thrown in another bin in order to finalize the composting process. They only work with Effective Microorganisms (E.M.) and in which you can throw: peels of fruits and vegetables, leftovers, cooked food, animal wastes, etc…

Thus you can compost nearly anything in your apartment. If you have a lot of flowers, no need to buy humus anymore and do not forget that composting reduces significantly the quantity of wastes you throw in your garbage can. Less garbage means that you spend less in garbage bags and all costs you have related to garbage management.

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