Introducing environmental ways of managing companies and activities

The environmental issue is today introducing all level of our society. Politics have been, the past few years, introducing environmental laws and practices, the awareness of the population is improving, and many people today try or know they have to try to be greener and many people have to be in order to reduce their costs (the price of fuel has impacted a lot our habits in driving). Finally, companies not only innovate in green products but also introduce green management practices. The European Union has introduces since 2010 the “Eco-management and Audit Scheme” EMAS (based on the Regulation (EC) No 1221/2009), which is a management tool allowing  the recognition of companies, who volunteered to participate, that improve their environmental management in their organizations. In 2011, the EMAS Awards took place in Poland on 17th November. The EMAS awarded around 25 participants focusing on their engagement with stakeholders, including the Greek bank EUROBANK for having in each branch designated one environmental manager.

With this section “Consulting” of the Blog, BlueFairy wants to describe that environmental management can be a way to reduce your cost (in long-term but also in short-term). And for that purpose BlueFairy will inform you about the best practices and can also help you improve the Green Attitude your own company (fro that you can contact here). Like the population, companies, institutions and self-employed person should manage, produce and sell their products or services in a greener way.



EMAS website:

Article of DAS DMU newspaper, “EMAS Awards in the Media: The “Environmental Oscars”, December 2011,

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