Clothes, Accessories, all you need to rave correctly!

In no time summer festivals are starting! What will you wear? Do you have any idea where you can find the most psychedelic clothes, organic and at low price?

The BlueFairy went out searching this information for you and even did some great shopping. Because even if you do not want to spend money, it is really difficult not to at the addresses I found. And this is only the beginning! Since the BlueFairy really want to give you not only shopping information but info with a real added value, she went to meet each of these great artists, to learn more about them. Our raver’s stylists!

I always have difficulty to find artists that can offer line of clothes that answer to my expectations and that represent the best my style and my preferences. And I do not want to wait a Festival or any other event to go to the stands to buy clothes… This is the reason why I wanted to create this catalogue, for all of us to have centralized all the best addresses.

You are a Raver and wish to see the list, click here to discover the artists BlueFairy met. If you have information that I do not have, do not hesitate to send me a mail so that I can investigate on new artists and horizon!

You are an Artist[1], and you see you are not in BlueFairy’s catalogue, how bad of me! Contact me here, I am sure your art should be already included and we have to be able to find you!

[1] By «Artist» BlueFairy refers to any person or company that produce clothes, decoration stuff, jewelry, jungling stuff, etc… which target psychedelic lovers.

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