Start looking at your bills!

In order to correctly manage and reduce your energy consumption, you must learn what and how much you consume water and/or electricity for a start. Knowing this Start making water savingsinformation, one realizes much better the reality and adopts easier a more economic behavior. This behavior will allow significant reduction of the consumption but also of the final cost. According to a research “Απο-Τιμώντας Νερό” conducted by the Network MEDITERRANEAN SOS in Greece, 54,3% do not know from where the drinking water comes, while 52,8% do not apply means to make savings at home.

If we don’t start now to make the necessary changes to adapt our way of living to the new circumstances in our Greek society, how anybody does expects that we can dynamically face the crisis and the increasing its constraints. So, start looking at your bills!


Econews article «Δίκτυο Μεσόγειος SOS: πώς διαχειριζόμαστε το νερό στην πόλη; – Ολοκληρώθηκε η έρευνα», 22/03/2012

Network MEDITERRANEAN SOS, results of the research «Απο-Τιμώντας Νερό»

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