Small initiation, our Planete is in danger!

Incredible nature Our Earth is in danger! How many times do we hear that today? Why is it a so important issue for the world? What is ecology and what is really happening? Do we really realize the danger that we are facing? Ecology (term invented by the German biologist Ernst Haeckel in 1866) is a science that studies each element (living beings and their environment) and its relations with the other elements evaluating all changes that affect them. When changes are caused by Men and its economy, our planet is in great danger. Indeed, specialists predicts that the climate could warm up to 1,1°C to 6,4°C until the end of the century meaning more and more extreme weather phenomenon. The Global Warming has many impacts on our precious Earth, and it is not the only problem Men has caused.

Only from the end of the 20th Century, Men started to realize how serious is the consequences of our actions on the environment. We can observe the consequences on all aspects of our planet.

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